Handbook of MIDI Player Tools 2011

compiled by

Carol Beigel, Registered Piano Technician

June 2011



MIDI Players
Pianocorder, Pianocorder Library, PianoDisc, QRS Pianomation, Yamaha Disklavier,
 Advice on Buying a Disklavier,   High Resolution MIDI Players and LX Software, Live Performance LX

Connecting a MIDI Player to a Computer
Hardware Considerations, Software Considerations, Trouble Shooting a Computer Installation

Connecting a MIDI Player to a Network
Connecting to the Internet, Streaming Internet Radio that Plays your Piano, Connecting to a Home Network, Wireless Home Network Connections, Connection of a MIDI Player Without An Ethernet Port, Remote Controlling a MIDI Player

Managing Disks and Drives
Floppy Disks, Formatting Floppy Disks, Making Back-Up Copies,  Memory Disks, Replacing Floppy Disk Drives, Modifying a PC Drive To Work on a Disklavier, Bypassing The Floppy Disk Drive, Backing-Up Flash Memory and Hard Drives, Creating a Boot Floppy for Updating the Mark IV, Yamaha USB Floppy Disk Drive, Difference between MIDI and Audio CDs

Music File Formats
How Digital Audio files differ from MIDI files, MIDI file formats, Piano E-Rolls

Working with MIDI Files
Editing MIDI files, Editing High Resolution Files, Volume Control, Printing sheet music from MIDI files, Setting-up your MIDI Player to play MIDI files, Music Files on the Internet, Creating Playlists, Recording MIDI Files, Creating MIDI CDs, Converting MIDI to Audio, Links to finding MIDI files on the internet

Working with Audio Files - Making Recordings of Your MIDI Player
Digital Audio Recording with Microphones, Portable Digital Audio Recorders, Editing and Enhancing Digital Audio Recordings, Examples of Different Audio/Editing Methods

Music Software for MIDI Players
Disk and file copy utilities, MIDI Sequencer Software, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), Virtual Pianos, Media Player Software for Creating Playlists, Music education Software, Notation and Scoring Software, Transcription Software - Converting Audio to MIDI


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